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Collins Consulting Company helps manage advertising production costs.

We work for advertisers.

To achieve the best possible television advertising.
To help them and their agencies work smarter.
Within their budgets.
More effectively.

What we don't do.

Write copy.
Count beans.
Pinch pennies.
Get in the way. Slow things down.
How We Work.

By bringing decades of TV production experience and state-of-the-art knowledge

We facilitate.
We recommend.
We educate.

And create a process that works.
And makes the work better.
"Pat Collins served Capital One as a production cost and quality consultant for over eight years. †He has the talent to deliver high quality production with great bang for the buck. †Pat has never been the "enemy" of the agency, choosing instead to be a good partner and seeking "win win" production solutions.†I greatly valued Patís consultations and technical expertise."

Bill McDonald, Executive Vice President Brand Marketing
Capital One Financial, McLean VA

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