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Our job is to get every advertising dollar on the screen.


We understand that production dollars are more limited than ever. To make every dollar work to the maximum:
  • We act as an effective partner to both client and agency
  • We develop a customized process that facilitates communications
  • We encourage a free exchange of ideas
  • A clear articulation of goals
The result is greater efficiency without negatively impacting the quality or effectiveness of the creative.
I have an Agency. Why do I need Collins Consulting?

Your agency is keenly focused on creating outstanding advertising. A lot of pressure is put on them to create marketing miracles.

Collins Consulting helps set expectations and create processes that allow the agency to give you what you need and want.
Collins Consulting Company Gets Results

With the Production Guidelines Buying Plan, everybody knows the game plan that needs to be followed. Working directly with the agency producer, business manager, and account team throughout the process gets the expected results.

Big promises?
Yes, but we deliver.

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