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It's your money.
But we treat it like our own.
Soup to nuts. Or a light lunch.

We support you through every facet of TV production:
  • Establish policies and guidelines
  • Review recommended suppliers and negotiate each of the required three bids for all suppliers
  • Manage the pre-bid meeting
  • Evaluate post-production bids (editing, digital effects, etc.)
  • Review talent costs and residuals, licensed music, image rights (negotiating for you as required.)
  • Review and approve any overages
  • Complete review and verification of all invoices from suppliers and agency
  • Analysis of each project ("Lessons Learned")
We can do it all on an annual contractual basis.
Or just review the basics. Your choice.
Bonus Functions

We ensure agency and client teams both understand and embrace the Production Guidelines and established buying policies.

On time. On budget.
We know that it has to be on schedule as well as on budget. We advise on a schedule that include realistic evaluations of:

Testing needs.
Pre-production time.
Shoot days.
Post production.
Realities of approvals and Delivery dates.

We keep our clients updated on industry standards and practices to empower them to better navigate the production process.

We do this throughout the various phases of production including specifically tailored seminars that realize the importance of strong brand team production knowledge.

This is supplemented with on-set or on-location one-on-one discussions to optimize the learning.

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