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Client & Agency Recommendations
Bill McDonald, Executive Vice President Brand Marketing, Capital One Financial, McLean VA

"Pat Collins served Capital One as a production cost and quality consultant for over eight years. He has the talent to deliver high quality production with great bang for the buck. Pat has never been the "enemy" of the agency, choosing instead to be a good partner and seeking "win win" production solutions. I greatly valued Pat's consultations and technical expertise.

Todd Kennedy, Brand Director, Korbel California Champagne, Brown-Forman Inc., Louisville KY

"Pat Collins' expertise in the overall production process made us far more efficient, on time, and within (or under) budget. He was of particular help in talent negotiation as well as dealing with licensed music acquisition. He knows those categories cold and the savings were always impressive. He was a constantly positive resource in areas which we simply didn't know but helped us become smarter."

Georgina Flores, Senior Manager – Integrated Marketing Communications, Allstate Insurance Company, Northbrook, IL

"During the three years that Pat Collins served our business, he not only demonstrated his expert knowledge of advertising production through his consultation on all broadcast production jobs, but he also served as a mentor and teacher to junior Allstate team members who did not have previous production experience. Additionally, Pat was a proactive collaborator with multiple agency partners for productions that took place both in the U.S. and abroad. His number one goal was to ensure the best quality product was delivered to Allstate for the best possible price."

Mike Isaac, Global Marketing Director – Southern Comfort, Brown-Forman Inc., Louisville KY

"Pat Collins helped us build long-term brand value for our business through his extensive production expertise. He is a detailed professional who helped us codify our production process with increased efficiencies, an awareness of the competitive landscape and managing production timelines and costs."

William Near, Executive Producer, Arnold Worldwide

"Pat Collins is one of the most knowledgeable production consultants I have worked with. He's professional, fair, understands all media platforms, but most importantly he knows, at the end of the day, it is about getting the best work.

Debra Amsden, VP/Dir. of Broadcast Production, Burrell Communications, Chicago

"Pat Collins is a master at reviewing, adjusting, and explaining budgets under incredibly tight timelines.  Last minute client changes can be challenging and Pat's extensive knowledge of the post production process and costs were invaluable in arriving at the absolute best solutions.  As someone who's worked closely with Pat, I can say that he's a good partner for all concerned in all aspects of advertising production.

Marion Lange, Executive Producer, DDB Chicago

"Pat Collins is a true production partner.  He asks all the smart questions and allows people to be the best at their jobs. Pat is respected by agencies, production companies, and clients all at the same time...not an easy accomplishment...because he does understand how to get the best work for all those involved in every project."


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